Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where I'm From

I'm from my short mysterious scar I got when I was little.
from the smell of my stinky dog in every piece of clothing.
I'm from the hot cheese fondue blanketing baguettes,
That tastes like a salty ocean with a kick of pepper.
I'm from my dog lying in the overgrown grass like a black lion.

I'm from pink flank steaks sizzling on the hot stove.
From my white stuffed duck giving me magical comfort that no one else can summon.
I'm from the howling of coyotes showing off their feasts.
from Yarberow cribbage hands.
I'm from my dog brushing against the green couch where I lay asleep.

I'm from flipping around the house instead of walking.
From the comfort of the cozy red couch in the dark blue office.
I'm from trips to Cape Cod to make bluefish pate.
From KCA comedy.

I'm from all these moments
 and many, many more

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