Tuesday, July 24, 2012


             The other day, my family and I attended a production put on by the Monomoy Theatre. This play was Harvey, a story about a 6'1 1/2 pooka. What is a pooka you ask? A pooka is a spirit embodying a large animal of some sort. In this case Harvey was a rabbit pooka. Throughout the entire play, the only ones who saw Harvey were his best friend Elwood P. Dowd and some unexpecting cast members who finally saw that Elwood was not crazy. This was hard to believe. Elwood was a grown man that had a giant rabbit as his best friend (who until the end of the production was thought to be imaginary), he spent a majority of his adult life in the bar, and everywhere he went, anyone, even a baby in a stroller recieved his calling card and an introduction to Harvey.
             The hilarious play and the wonderful cast made my cousin and I believe in Harvey so deeply that in the car ride home we had decided that Harvey had come home with us, and we even fastened a seatbelt for the creature. We then escorted  Harvey inside where we took a picture of the three of us and used that as a base for illustrating a portrait of  us and our new friend. We had no idea dinner with a pooka would be so interresting. It turned out Harvey absolutly loves lobster. The butter dripped from the suculent meat nearly every time Harvey attempted to eat it. By the end of the meal, Harvey's entire front had been stained yellow. I showed Harvey the bathroom and gave him some soap . Harvey stepped out of the bathroom with a coat as white as ever.
            We were now ready for the evening family board game. That night the selected game was Clue. Harvey did not quite understand the first time around and ended up showing his cards to everyone. He agreed to take another  shot at the game, now with the understanding that the point of the game is to keep your cards secret. This time Harvey crushed all of us. Not long after that Harvey checked his pocket watch and decided it was time to go home. I managed to ask where he lived, but the only reply I recieved was a tip of the hat and a wink.
            Harvey, if you too are reading this post, do not hesitate to drop by, you do know where I live.

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