Tuesday, December 18, 2012


   Why is there something instead of nothing? Well, If there wasn't anything, everything would be nothing. But then again nothing itself is something. So what is nothing? Most may describe it as a black sort of emptyness. Space. But even with that description nothing would simply mean that nothing is space, which is something. What would nothing look like? Wouldn't it look like the space between the image you see right now, or maybe if you were to look in a perfect mirror so that nothing would be reflected back. Even this is something. The fact that I can compare my definition of nothing with something you can imagine means that my definition of nothing is wrong. Something. That's why there is something. Because my hands are on this keyboard, because I can't even conjure up an image of nothing, nothing can't happen, at least not to a concievable level of humans. With nothing there wouldn't even be humans. No one to  even ponder this impossible question. So back to my original wondering;Why is there something instead of nothing? I guess the simple answer is that there can't be nothing, therefore there has to be something. 

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