Friday, September 6, 2013

My Crooked Mind

A labyrinth lives
In my brain
Constructed of mushy, beautiful
Cogs and wheels 
That sing when they spin
That muddles sounds and light
Into wonderful fuzzy aromas
It bends space and time
To allow me to take
As long as I need
It hooks and latches
Onto the oddest ideas
And lets structural dull ones
My mind is not structurally sound
It is constantly whirring
At speeds unimaginably diverse
Mostly quick and witty
But it occasionally chugs and puffs
Until it threatens to crash altogether
My mind confuses my mind
Which upsets my thinking
And then I end up thinking
Then it snaps back like a rubber band
And I get back to business
Sort of
It will then decide to paint a picture
Of an operatic number
Which I can’t figure out
It thinks by itself
Mostly remarkably accurate
But sometimes it blips
And makes me wonder if I really
Just thought of such a thing
Finally I figure out
That I have work to do
And it goes back to
Whirring and chugging
And puffing and bending
Until it finds something else to cling to

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