Friday, June 29, 2012

KCA Comedy

        " No, no Alex that's a wall!" Chloe yelled as I zoomed down the virtual slopes of wii ski. "I knew that" I joked as I quit the game, "what should we do now?" It was the annual KCA anniversary and the K (KC), the C (Chloe), and me the A couldn't wait to write what we came here for, our super silly, slightly stupid, homemade commercial. Racing up the stairs and into chloe's room, ideas filled our heads. A portal to mars that's really just a toilet paper tube, an automatic portrait painter that's really just a camera, or even a magic box that takes your bread and gives you a piece of toast in return that's just a toaster. The awkward silence loomed, hot and sticky, in the air until KC's "aha" moment voice cut through it like a sharp knife. "The body packge" she exclaimed as Chloe and i looked at her like she had just declared she was a marshmallow and was going off to live in Stop and Shop. "We can dress up those body pillows with big sweatshirts and wigs and stuff" we all nodded in agreeement and set to work on the commercial.
         About halfway through the commercial writing I closed my eyes in thought. At school, I don't have many stand out friends or could do many sports. I was always the slightly mysterious follower to what anyone else was doing and never had many of my own ideas introduced into groups. But here was my oasis of randomness and expression with my loyal friends surrounding me. This was truly my home away from home. My eyes opened and my brain got back into action again spitballing ideas. "Are you alright?" chirped Chloe. "wonderful" I reply smiling and putting my oversized sweatshirt on a body pillow.
          Finally we were done with rehersals and everyone was fitted with their costumes. It was time for the real thing. KC held the camera towards the scene of the commercial and began to record.

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