Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Slumber

“Good night,” The dreaded words of summer. “Don’t let the bedbugs bite!”  How can moms say that so INNOCENTLY?  It’s not like I control the evil insects.  Sleeping in the summertime is like telling me not to sleep at all.  As soon as my parents leave me in my too hot or too cold bed, the battle begins.
     My mortal enemy is really the unscreened windows.  Why they are unscreened, is still a mystery even to me.  I know what you’re thinking: How could windows be the enemy?  They don’t do anything but keep cool air from circulating through the room, therefore creating a hot sticky mess.  Well you see, that’s the problem!  If you leave the windows open, the lack of screen causes swarms of bugs to attack from every angle, while crickets screech their endless tune leaving your ears to throb. 
     Then you would probably think: Wow, if I just close the window, wouldn’t it all be over? NO!! If you close the window, the hot, sticky, sweaty, disgusting air looms in the room like a heated blanket. This is the point where I turn to my fan for advice… and some cool air.  The only problem is that the fan is a rather talkative fellow and once again an annoying buzz rings through my brain. 
     Sounds, heat, windows, it’s all so confusing! Oh, why must sleeping in the summer be so ANNOYING!?! Finally, after consulting myself like the President deciding on vetoing a law, I shut the windows, turned off my fan and trudged into my parents’ room with a sleepy groan. I approach the comfy room just to turn right back around again.  I guess I forgot that my dad snores!  Perhaps my room is better after all!

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